ESET Server Security v3.0.21 for Linux/BSD/Solaris has been released

News ID: NEWS121|Last Revised: November 15, 2011

ESET Server Security v3.0.21 for Linux/BSD/Solaris has been released. ESET Server Security consists of three licensable applications:

  • ESET File Security
  • ESET Gateway Security
  • ESET Mail Security

This is the last release for which we will officially provide support for FreeBSD v5.x, as it has already been deprecated by The FreeBSD Foundation and is no longer supported by them.

A partial changelog for this release is as follows:

  • Change: New Mailshell AS Engine Version 6.1.5. for all packages except SUN Solaris & FreeBSD 5
  • Change: Implementation of parameter “ident_scanning_service” in sets_icap.r
  • Change: Added timeout for client connection esets_smtp, esets_imap, esets_pop3
  • Change: Added support for autorization of FTP server from the http client
  • Added: esets_lic - new feature - removing expired licenses with parameter: --remove-expired
  • Added: New documentation for Mail/File/Gateway security
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup unable to find zmailer.conf
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work for exim
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work for qmail
  • Fix: problem - esets_daemon does not start automatically on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - Setup can`t find exim configuration file on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - esets_setup does not work with postfix  on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - "Cannot scan: Invalid request" error message, file with / without extension
  • Fix: problem - Esets daemon still present after uninstall on Solaris
  • Fix: problem - Esets_daemon doesn't recognize quarantine_dir variable and quits
  • Fix: problem - Double slash in URL after the domain returns error 404

To access documentation or to download a copy, please visit ESET's web site or contact your local distributor or reseller.

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