ESET Remote Administrator version has been released

News ID: NEWS270|Last Revised: July 03, 2014

ESET Remote Administrator version has been released and is available to download.


  • Added: Server API
  • Added: ERA Command-line Console with documented source code
  • Added: Reports available to export to PDF
  • Added: Retrieving Dual IP address using SysInspector reports (for machines behind a gateway or NAT)
  • Added: Basic network actions from console (for example: Wake on LAN, Ping, Shutdown, RDP, and Message)
  • Added: Log forwarding to Syslog (to enable log forwarding, some additional configuration is required)
  • Improved: Remote deployment for Linux and Mac OS X
  • Improved: Remote installation of custom package with redirected output to attach data as part of task details
  • Fixed: Some server products are missing in the configuration template for program component update (PCU) mirror setup (fixed in ENU version only)
  • Fixed: Logon Script installation type failure with pre-configured default credentials
  • Fixed: Activating the notification “Test It” option might result in server crash
  • Fixed: Incorrect time calculation during scheduled remote push installation
  • Fixed: Upgrade from version 5.0.x could corrupt all saved search-tasks using Active Directory services
  • Fixed: The client upgrade task might end with an error with many parallel installation instances


For instructions on upgrading from version 5.x to version 5.2, see the following ESET Knowledgebase article:

For detailed information and instructions on the new features, see the following ESET Knowledgebase article

See ESET Remote Administrator User Guide (section 2, "Installation of ERA Server and ERA Console") for software and performance requirements.

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