How to recognize spam

KB Solution ID: SOLN144|Last Revised: August 07, 2014

Generally, there are a few indicators which can help you identify spam (unsolicited bulk emails) in your mailbox. If a message fulfills some of the following criteria, it is most likely spam.

  • The sender address does not belong to someone you recognize
  • You are offered a large sum of money, but you have to provide a small sum first
  • You are asked to enter, under various pretenses, some of your personal data – bank account numbers, credit card numbers, social security number, usernames and passwords, etc.
  • The email is written in a foreign language
  • Product advertised is far below the retail price
  • Some of the words are misspelled in an attempt to trick your spam filter. For example, "viagra” may be written as “vaigra”, etc.
  • Inclusion of large blocks of text or images

If you do decide to purchase a product advertised in an unsolicited email message, please verify that the message sender is a reliable vendor.

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