How do I temporarily disable the ESET Smart Security Personal firewall? (4.x)

KB Solution ID: SOLN2113|Last Revised: September 19, 2012

The Personal firewall is a tightly integrated feature of the ESET Smart Security solution and cannot be permanently disabled. You can create a rule to open all connections through TCP and UDP in order to allow all network traffic to and from your computer. However, the firewall’s Intrusion Detection System against network attacks will remain active.


Disabling the firewall is not recommended except for the purposes of diagnosing/troubleshooting system problems. To disable the Personal firewall only until the next system restart: in Standard mode click Setup Temporarily disable Personal firewall or in Advanced mode click Setup Personal firewall Disable filtering: allow all traffic.


To create a rule to allow all network traffic, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Open ESET Smart Security. How do I open my ESET product?
  2. If you see  Display: Standard mode in the lower left corner, toggle to Advanced mode by clicking Change... or by pressing CTRL + M.
  3. From the main menu, click Setup Personal firewall Switch to interactive filtering mode.


    Figure 1-1

  4. Click Configure rules and zones....


    Figure 1-2

  5. If you see the application tree view in the Zone and rule setup window, click Toggle detailed view of all rules.

    Figure 1-3

  6. Create a new rule to allow all traffic–click New and enter a name for the rule such as 'Allow All'. Set Direction to Both, set Action to Allow and then click OK. Click Yes to confirm.

    Figure 1-4

  7. Deselect every rule except for the 'Allow All' rule you have just created. Click OK to save changes.

    Figure 1-5

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