How do I open or close (allow or deny) a specific port on my ESET Smart Security Personal firewall? (4.x)

KB Solution ID: SOLN2149|Last Revised: October 28, 2013

To allow or deny access to a specific port on your ESET Smart Security Personal firewall, perform the following steps:

  1. Open ESET Smart Security by clicking the ESET icon  next to the system clock or by clicking Start All Programs ESET ESET Smart Security.
  2. If you see the message Display: Standard mode in the lower left corner, toggle to Advanced mode by clicking Change... or by pressing CTRL + M on your keyboard.
  3. From the main menu, click Setup Personal firewall Switch to interactive filtering mode.

    Figure 1-1

  4. Click Configure rules and zones....

    Figure 1-2

  5. If you see the application tree view in the Zone and rule setup window, click Toggle detailed view of all rules.

    Figure 1-3

  6. Click New to add a new rule.
  7. Enter a name for the rule.

    Figure 1-4

  8. From the Direction: drop-down menu select Both.
  9. From the Action: drop-down menu select Allow or Deny.



    Do not click OK at this time.


  10. Click the Local tab and click Add port.

    Figure 1-5

  11. In the Port selection: window, type in the number of the port. The name of the port will auto-populate in many cases. If it does not auto-populate, click the name drop-down list and then select the port name associated to the port you entered.
  12. Click OK OK to save the selection.
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